For The Weary Traveller

by Holly Arrowsmith

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gravelben thumbnail
gravelben Loving it... I think the last time I thrashed an album on repeat like this was when I discoverd Tow'rs Favorite track: Flinted.
Duncan Schneider
Duncan Schneider thumbnail
Duncan Schneider Nice as it is on the first listen, this album opens up beautifully after a few more spins. The lyrics are more poignant than they initially appeared, and I've just barely landed on a favorite track for that very reason. Shout out to Canyons and Beast Called Love also. Favorite track: Love Will Be A River.
Sam Bleaden
Sam Bleaden thumbnail
Sam Bleaden Really love this album! Must have listened to it a dozen times! Favorite track: Voices Of Youth.
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'Born in the desert city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and raised in the pristine South Island of New Zealand, It's no wonder Southern Hemisphere songstress Holly Arrowsmith crafts music with a reverence for nature.
'For The Weary Traveller', is a reflection on life's journey. Written amongst, and poetically encompassed by staggering landscapes, this timeless debut album was recorded in a grassroots studio, nestled in the mountain valley settlement of Queenstown, New Zealand.
Reminiscent of Americana Folk Greats Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Arrowsmith's captivating, earthy voice, will reach into the heart of humanity, and take you on a journey through the struggles and joys of the traveller's life.'


released July 31, 2015

'For The Weary Traveller’ was recorded in a grassroots studio
nestled in the mountain valleys of Queenstown, New Zealand.

Engineered By: Steve Roberts
Produced By: Steve Roberts & Holly Arrowsmith
Mastered By: Steve Fallone [Sterling Sound, New York]

Holly Arrowsmith [Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica]
Stu Graham [Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Slide & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano]
Tom Lynch [Bass Guitar, Omnichord, Electric Guitar]
Marc Hamilton [Drums]
Luke Thompson [Vocals]
Alice Tolich [Cello, Cornet]
Gordon Maclean [Double Bass]

Album Art Image: Andrew Hewson

Design: Michael Gilling

All songs written by Holly Arrowsmith.

[Special Thanks]
To Steve Roberts & Tom Lynch- Who have believed in my music from the beginning,
and have generously given their time, resources and expertise.
To my Family, and my husband Michael- For your love and constant support.
To Friends and Strangers-
For coming to my shows, buying my music and encouraging me to stay on this journey.
Thanks to Mark & Emma Pullar from Roost, for making this possible.

©Holly Arrowsmith, 2015



all rights reserved


Holly Arrowsmith Auckland, New Zealand

Pure and unfettered but not lacking in power or force, New Zealand's Holly Arrowsmith takes on that of a libretto, as musings bare her soul to enlighten those of her listeners. Her earthy, timeless vocals serve as a catalyst for stories of crystalline prose, offering comfort in their unique and profound delivery. ... more

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Track Name: Mouth Of The Morning
From the mouth of the morning
Out poured the dawn
Waking the valley
With her silent song
Like my mother she kissed me with the softest of light
Broke the skyline inked with the darkness of night

She spilled into every space, every fold
To tell of a mercy that is new with each morning
And It flows alike for the rich and the poor
It flows for the slave and the free

Why I've collected all of my sorrow?
Why I have stored it, I do not know
Maybe in shame of its revelation
Maybe in fear of letting it go

From the mouth of the morning out poured the dawn
Waking the valley
With her silent song
To tell of a mercy that is new with each morn
And at an uncertain moment
Day came and dawn was gone
Track Name: Voices Of Youth
I sit alone in this chair some days
Thinking bout my life thinking bout my ways
There are too many questions that I don’t know the answer
Breathe in deep and I close my eyes
Walk back through the dark and the joyful times
Trying to find the spirit of my youth in there
Somehow I lost her but I don’t know where

In those days long gone I felt you walking next to me
Oh please don’t leave me with my troubled mind
As company

At night we’d lay staring up in awe
We were not afraid to admit we were small
And holes in heaven’s floor lit our bare faces
We walked up rivers and drank from the streams
Balanced on bridges laid by ancient trees
Who bowed their regal heads to make a way
And people never listened to anything we had to say
But we said it anyway

In those days long gone I felt you walking next to me
Oh please don’t leave me with my troubled mind
Tormenting me

Now we all have jobs and we all pay rent
And we all ask each other where our time got spent
And busyness plagues the streets like a disease

And if one man stops and asks ‘Well why?
‘What’s it all for when I die?’
The rest all shake their heads and say ‘Don’t speak!’
‘Seeking meaning’s for the weak!’
Well you can call me weak
In those days long gone I felt you walking next to me
Oh please don‘t leave me with my troubled mind
A wandering

Voices of youth call out to me
‘Come back’ they say ‘Don’t walk away!’
Im trying with all my strength not to let go
But theres a truth I know, the ties are strong
From those very days I have grown
And if I ever come undone, one day it’s certain
We will be tied together once again
I hope my foolishness will never sever us my friend
Track Name: Desert Owl
I walk a lonely road
There’s a junction up ahead
I’ve got no job, no home
Nearly all my money’s spent
I came for a resolution
A certain answer clear
But it ain’t what I need
And I will not find it here
Woah, oh, oh, woah

Painting circles in the empty sky
The vultures cry, ‘You’re dead’
Snakes whisper ‘Rest a while’
‘Lay down your weary head.’

Then the red sun bursts on the mountain high
Spills like blood down the valley dry
Peace like a river extend to me, and carry my feet on by
No brother before me or behind
My mind is worn and my body’s tired
Peace like a river extend to me and carry my feet on by

Well I am a desert owl, an owl among the ruins
Looking on with wisdom and with sorrow
In the words of a great man
This world is dying and it’s hardly been born
So I, sing to serve the ones who search beyond the shadows
The shadows

Carry my feet on, carry my feet on by

Oh peace like a river won’t you carry my feet on by
Peace Like a river, carry my feet on by
Oh peace like a river, carry my feet on by
Track Name: Canyons
Sit and talk with me awhile
Of fond memories faint and far
Lets recall my familiar friend
How much we love each other

The way love starts and how it grows
So often an abandoned road
As changes come and seasons roll
Lets hold to one another

First a crystal mountain stream
Running through the woods with ease
The world’s cares seem far away
And every sound is like a song

But like that stream love wants to grow
Obstacles clutter its flow
The land turns steep and the sun seems low
We’re forced into the canyons throw
The river wants to reverse
To clamber uphill to its birth
But it can’t return, so lovers learn
Now that little stream is a deep strong force

I watch people coming and going
How they’re reacting, releasing, withdrawing
And from what I can tell
Love’s not a feeling
We all wake up with in the morning
I believe we have to choose
Make those vows each day anew
To give yourself to me and myself to you

And like that stream our love will grow
Though obstacles clutter its flow
The land turns steep and the sun seems low
We’re forced into the canyons throw
The river wants to reverse
To clamber uphill to its birth
But it can’t return, so we will learn
Now that little stream is a deep strong force

So sit and talk with me awhile
Of a future we can’t plan
The people we’ll meet
Oh the places we’ll see
And who we dream we will become
And that river will keep on rolling
Rolling wild and free
Don’t know where we’re going
But we’re heading towards the sea
Said we don’t know where we’re going
But we’re heading towards the sea

So, river roll, river roll on

Roll on wild and free
River roll, river roll on
Roll on to the sea
Said, river roll, river roll on
Rolling wild and free
Oh river roll, river roll on
Roll on to the sea
River roll on to the sea
River roll on to the sea
Track Name: Lady Of The Valley
She lays still, she has for ten thousand years or more
The lady of the valley’s got a heart beat of stone
When I see her, I know that I am home

I’ve hidden many times, in her motherly arms
Like a child cradled there, till the violent storm has past
Gold rolling through her cold veins, to the river down below
When I see her, I know that I am home

I cast my eyes to the hills
Where does my help come?
When my head is lifted I see your stoney form
Reminding me I have a home, and my help comes from The Lord
My help comes from You, Lord

There are too many stories of how, greed can kill a man
She told me all her gold is for the fools
For what we see as valuable, it surely is worth nothing
And what we see as nothing
Is more priceless than we’ll know

She’ll always lay alone there, it’s her duty to do so
Surveying the surveyors’, what will she behold?
The lady of the valley, has seen and how she knows
That water cannot satisfy, those who thirst for gold
Those who thirst for gold, no
Those who thirst for gold
Track Name: Mountain Prayer
You wake me in the dusty light of the dawn
I'd given up all hope, that I'd be found here
The smell of the wild pine, blows on the wind
And their heavy branches sing out an old solemn prayer
To the cold mountain air
You wear the light of a thousand suns burning
I wear a dress made of sin and shame
In Your warm presence my cold heart is turning
In Your eyes, I see nothing but grace
The light on the path, is the light from Your face

As You call, ‘Come home My son My daughter come home
I am slow to anger and abounding in love
I won't rest, till you’re back in my arms
Please come home’

As You lead, You are calling the fallen
Your voice fills the valley with the sweetest song
Saying ‘Those who are bound, come forth out of darkness
Into My light where you belong’
Oh the darkness shrieks, as Your light rends its power
It fumbles to grab me, to stop my release
But it cannot come near
For in love is no fear
It cowers and hides
A wounded beast
And I now understand who I am, who You are
As we follow You over the rise
There are holes in Your hands and one in Your side
I fall to the ground with my hands on my eyes
As my rags are turned to glory in Your light
And the hills are awakening, mountains start shaking
All nature bursts forth into song
Through the woods and mountain passes
The winds like anthems roll
As the children, who once were in the darkness
Have come home
Track Name: For The Weary Traveller
To find comfort, first you must know sorrow
To know healing, there must be a wound
To find strength you, first of all you must know weakness Oh friend
Without evil, how could we know what’s good?

With relief, there first must come pain
And joy, from where there was none
To be found you, surely need to be lost
Oh child
Know darkness to see the good light of the sun
Know darkness to see the good light of the sun
Track Name: The Beast Called Love
I was young, I heard about, a thing called love
So I sailed out, to see what the fuss was about!

Quickly did, the ocean turn, into a fearsome beast
Tossed me in his watery arms, onto a lonely shore
I'd fallen for his charm

So I cut out what remained
Of my heart and threw it to the sea
And I told that beast called love
‘Never return that heart to me’

The ocean took, my heart with glee
Tossed it from wave to wave, but I couldn't feel a thing
Just a hole where it had been
And now it didn't beat for anyone or anything

So there I lay, a hollow chest
Filled with pain, and salty bitterness
Then you came, upon the waves, walking
With a heart that beat only in your hands
Warm and red ‘That ain’t mine!’ I said

You see I cut out what remained
Of my heart, long long ago
And I threw it to the sea
And I told that beast called love
‘Never return that heart to me!’
(And you said)
‘Child you are right!
Oh, This ain’t yours It's mine
See, I fought that ugly sea
Now your heart beats in me
And love is not a beast’
(No you said)
‘Love is not a beast
Love is not a beast, It is an exchange, Oh!
Love is an exchange’
(You said)
‘Love is an exchange!’
Track Name: Love Will Be A River
It's not what we've seen on the world’s painted screen
Selfish or cruel, a game of the heart to be toyed with
Not a glorified feeling that destroys all
Who touch it in the end
But a gift that was given when time began

It's the essence that fills all human desire
But a mirrored reflection of something much higher
And we are just vessels, which carry this light
Given to show one another
Who love was written by

I am cracked and flawed, So are you
But these are spaces for the light to come pouring through

Maybe the more we let out, the stronger it'll grow
Till all who, fall in its path feel the warmth of its glow
And our love will be a river, flowing out into the sea
Started in the mountains
Where you washed my feet
Track Name: Flinted
Follow my feet beneath the tall trees
Their backs are stooped low with the weight of dead leaves
But they're, letting them go and weightless they fall
To paint the road a river

Reflections pass as I row quietly
The waters a mirror for my lost memories
I dip the oar, and the picture is blurred
My arms grow weary and the rustling wind stirs
To carry me, to the arms of the shore

So I wanna know what the seasons know
There’s a time to reap and a time to sow
A time to hold on and a time to let go
Teach me to trust when I don't see

There's so much to be learned from the days gone by
I will look down on the river unwinding
You've carried me this far you won't let me go
Not in the heat of December
Or the cold July snow

On my way home to the fireplace
The wind it's stinging my, flinted face
It whispers ‘Release’, so I open my hands
And scatter my worries into its breath
As I wade through autumns tide
Teach me to trust, when I don’t see
To love always, as you have loved me
To lay down my life to be set free
To guard my heart in your peace